How an Entrepreneur Can Create Negative Impact On Employees

How an Entrepreneur Can Create Negative Impact On Employees

Entrepreneurial Tips – How an Entrepreneur Can Create Negative Impact On Employees

An entrepreneur is a person whom everyone looks up to. A person who has built a business on his or her own volition is a role model. Everyone wants to become something in life and if given a chance everyone would become an entrepreneur. If you are successful as an entrepreneur you will not only be making a lot of money, you will also earn the respect of your peers, competitors, friends and relatives. However, success does not come easy and the person needs to sacrifice a lot of things to be successful in business.

Entrepreneurs have the deciding power and hence can authorize transactions or take tough decisions on their own. They are not answerable to anybody. The amount of money that can be made depends upon the time and effort that they are ready to put. Plus they are free to work from home or from any other place where they are comfortable. These are the pros of being an entrepreneur.

The other side of the coin are the cons. Entrepreneurs work long hours and hence miss out on quality family time. During lean periods the stress levels can be very high. The successful entrepreneur is the one who takes the rough with the smooth. But there are some entrepreneurs who create a negative impact on their employees by not being able to handle stress.

The success of an entrepreneur also lies with his employees. He needs to keep his team motivated at all times. But some entrepreneurs fail because they are a negative influence. The reasons may be many, for example, the entrepreneur could be demotivating his whole team by being too rude, the entrepreneur could be having very high expectations from his employees and when the expectations are not met he could become angry and sometimes even show it on his employees. Or the entrepreneur could be addicted to gambling or other substances and this could show up in his business and the business growth may dampen due to this.

In such scenarios, it is always better for the entrepreneur to take some professional help. For example, stress can be reduced by going slow with work and working lesser hours, or by taking up a sport or by going to the gym and exercising or by taking up yoga and meditation. All these would help the businessman to combat stress and this would have a positive impact on his business. If the business person is addicted to online gambling then he should opt for treatments for online gambling addiction. It is a behavioural disorder and many entrepreneurs have failed by losing all their hard earned money while gambling. The treatments for online gambling addiction will help the entrepreneur and make them understand the pitfalls of gambling. They will be able to concentrate better on their business and this will have a real positive impact on the employees.

Though an entrepreneur is a role model, if he or she gets into bad habits and gets addicted to it, it will be a negative impact. Hence, it is necessary to always practice good habits in the workplace.





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